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Secrets To Weight Loss

By: Terry Sandhu

Everyone has heard of companies selling secret weight loss methods.Secrets so confidential that you cannot get them off your medical pracioner for free.Secrets so confidential that the only way you can get hold of them is to buy them from the people trying to sell them.

I have always thought that the very meaning of the word secret was not to share it with anyone. So why are people prepared to share a secret with you for a price? Surely if a thousand people purchase this secret, then how can it be a secret any longer? If there were secrets towards losing weight, surely hospitals and doctors would be aware of them, and they would let you know for free.

The fact is that losing weight does not come under the realm of secrecy. Losing weight is achievable for virtually anyone if they follow the simple formula of burning more calories than they consume. Avoid these so called weight loss secrets like the plague because the only thing that will get lighter is your wallet and not your body.

Weight loss is all about common sense and any product that seems too good to be true, probably is. Your body is no capable of losing weight quickly and keeping it off,in a healthy way. Simply because your body needs time to change. Your body is constructed in a way that it takes time for it to change. If you try to speed up this process, then your body will stop changing. This is why when people adopt an extremely low calorie diet to lose weight quickly, they find themselves losing some initial weight in the first couple of weeks, but after this any weight loss grinds to a halt.

Most of the weight you may have lost will be through muscle and not fat. Muscle is an expensive commodity for you body to keep because your body requires more calories to keep hold of muscle than it does to keep fat. So when you cut back drastically on calories, your body will offload the muscle and hang onto the fat. The ideal situation is to try and keep your muscle and get rid of the fat; however a low calorie diet will not allow that.

There are 3 things that you must do if you want to lose weight successfully.

You will need the desire,the motivation,and the willpower to complete the actions required to reach your weight loss goals. Desire alone is not enough; you must motivate yourself to act on your desire. If I desire a cup of coffee, I am not going to get one until I motivate myself to get up and fetch one. Desire on its own is just a wish and wishes rarely come true.

Switching to eating healthier food is extremely important. Avoid dropping too many calories in one go. Begin replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods. Split your calories intake over 5 or 6 meals during the day instead of feasting on couple of large meals a day. Just by doing this will set you on the road to losing weight as it will make your metabolism more effective. If you are going to decrease calories make sure you do not cut more than 400 calories a day from your diet. Once your body has become accustomed to this drop in calories, cut back couple of hundred more calories from your daily diet.

The benefits of exercise go far beyond just weight loss. Exercise will give you many benefits,not only physical but mentally you will feel much happier. Cardio is necessary for weight loss as it burns calories; do not neglect a weight training routine. Remember the idea is to keep muscle and lose fat. Weight training will enable you to keep much of your muscle you would have otherwise lost through cardio alone.

Forget all the fad diets, miracle diet pills, and quick fixes. Walking on water is a miracle; changing water to wine is a miracle. Losing weight is not a miracle. Weight loss is an achievable target for anyone if it is done with a sensible approach. Don't be tempted to buy any secrets to weight loss.

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