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Lose Weight With The Magic Formula

By: Kathryn Soloff

The truth is that everyone of us wishes to look and feel good. It is important to understand that being either overweight or obese is at an all time high. It is for this reason that we have become obsessed with losing weight.

Weight loss products are a multi-million dollar business. Each and everyday those of us who are overweight or obese search for the perfect solution to our problem-how to lose those unwanted pounds.

There are diets, books on diets, diet pills, herbal supplements, exercise programs, weight loss programs, prepared foods, diet drinks and the list goes on.

Industry statistics reveal that the average person attempting to lose weight changes weight loss products or programs about every six months. This makes one wonder if anyone is successfully losing weight.

Well, I'm about to reveal to you "The Magic Formula" for losing weight and keeping it off forever. It consists of three steps. If you can appreciate the fundamental truth of what I am about to reveal, you will be at least halfway toward your goal.

Implement what I tell you and you will never have a weight problem again. Here are the three steps to "The Magic Formula".

Step 1- This, believe it or not, is the most crucial step. Without this your are doomed to experience a pendulum effect in your attempt to lose weight.

This is it - Make Up Your Mind!

This is on almost every list that has been published. It is common to see this one as setting or writing down your goals. Interestingly, I don't see weight loss experts giving the emphasis that this step deserves.

Making up your mind is much more involved than writing your goal down on a piece of paper. It is much more than cutting out pictures of models wearing a swimsuit and putting them on your fridge.

To genuinely make up your mind, to establish a personal conviction, you must go deep inside, discover that reserve of inner strength and make your number one priority your weight loss program.

When you genuinely establish your goal, every step will lead you to your goal. Even your missteps. Conversely, not establishing your goal concretely will make your missteps into obstacles that you can not overcome.

Step 2- Change your diet. This is the truth, plain and simple, dieting does not work. In the past if you have tried dieting, you are aware of the yo-yo effect that it causes. You lose weight and gain it back. Then you repeat the process.

One must understand that getting fat does not happen in a vacuum. When you eat commercial food, processed food, food with preservatives and chemicals, you will gain weight and put your health at risk.

Every animal in nature has a source of food that is appropriate for its consumption. For humans, it is whole grains, beans, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruit.

Here is a simple truth. When you make your diet consist of food from these groups the largest part of your diet two things will occur. When you use this approach you will lose weight effortlessly. Your health will improve. It is that simple.

Step 3- You probably need more physical activity. Regular exercise accomplishes much more than just burning calories.

Exercise gets our blood moving. Not only that, it will improve our mood and clear our mind. It gives us confidence. In other words, it makes us feel better. Have you ever noticed that it is easier to accomplish our goals when we feel better?

Whenever possible, the best type of exercise is natural. Ride a bike, go swimming, go for a walk or go jogging. Any activity that you can do daily for between a half hour and an hour will work just fine. Figure out what it is that you enjoy and just do it.

There you have it, "The Magic Formula" for weight loss. Take some time and consider how you can implement these changes into your life. Without any doubt, I assure you that once you do this, you will be extremely happy with the results.

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