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Girls, Ready For That Swimsuit?

By: Debbie Sipe

So, you've been at it for a week or two now, working out, sweating, and moving your body.

Yet, you don't see the results you want, and you have to be ready for that swimsuit.

Don't Give Up!

Remember that when you begin a weight loss plan and start working out, your body begins to operate differently. Your body begins to process your food more efficiently as fuel, and whether your goal is to burn fat or increase muscle, these changes will take some time to see with your naked eye.

There are a couple of common reasons that folks don't see the results they want.

You Gotta Get Serious

The first might be you're not working hard enough. To really burn fat, you've got to inject some cardio. You've heard the saying "feel the burn," well there's some truth to that. In order to burn fat you have to get your cardio rate up there, and for an extended period of time.

The ideal zone for each person varies by current weight and health. By pushing your cardio rate and building your stamina, you'll get better results, faster.

One popular way to increase your cardio workout is by taking an aerobics class or even a spinning class.

Circuit training programs are also particularly effective for increasing your heart rate and building muscles, in part because of the succession of the exercises, which mixes cardio and strength training. The types of exercise you do directly impact the results you get. To meet your goals of burning calories and building muscle, talk to a personal trainer. They can help design the appropriate exercise plan that will deliver the results you want.

Increase The Intensity

Another reason folks don't see the results they want is they may not be exercising long enough. Something many folks will do at the gym is over estimate the intensity of their workouts, or the time devoted. Try creating an exercise diary that logs the length of time for the workout, intensity level, and the frequency. A couple of times a week is not going to deliver the results you want with your weight loss plan or with your fitness goals. A common mistake is assuming that exercising at a moderate pace for at least half an hour burns excessive calories or fat.

Consistent exercise is certainly a necessary component to reach your weight loss goals, but exercise alone won't do it. To effectively lose body fat, you have to employ a weight loss program and exercise program simultaneously.

Don't underestimate the importance of keeping a food diary. It can be easy to incorrectly guess how many calories you are putting in your body, and often the tendency is to under count. While focusing on your physical fitness, make sure to include a mixture of proteins and nutrient rich foods that your body will be able to use as fuel.

Celebrate Every Success

And most importantly, give yourself a break. Don't expect results to take place over night. You're making a lifestyle change and this takes time. Don't set your expectations so high that you can't possibly meet them. Keep your goals realistic and celebrate your milestones!

Debbie endeavors to encourage women over 40 to take care of their bodies and feed their minds with good positive thoughts. She shares her expertise on natural weight loss and radiantly healthy living at her blog http://weonadiet.com .

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