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The Missing Ingredient for Fast Muscle Mass Building

By: Derek Manuel

Technology has proven that everyday some new product or service comes out that can make our lives easier. If it's cleaning supplies, features for your car, or purchasing music, then by all means it makes sense to upgrade to where it is more convenient. However, in weight training to build muscle mass fast, there is one constant that will never change, and too many people think that technology can make building quality muscle easier and more convenient.

The first mistake that's being made is that they are looking for "something out there" that can achieve the results that they want so bad. The truth is, the answer isn't "out there." You'll only get the results you want through applying the right information and working hard consistently and persistently. It is equally important to have both a proper diet plan and a quality workout routine, and most people understand this, but too many people today are leaving out an ancient but key ingredient: hard work.

It is all to common today for most people to just plain not work hard enough in the gym. Working hard on a half-way decent exercise will bring more results then a haphazard attempt on the best exercise in the world. If you a are a hardgainer - someone who is naturally skinny and has a hard time gaining weight and building muscle mass quickly - then the proper workout routine and diet will do you no good if you don't put 110 % effort into it.

Too many people start and stop workout programs all year long, never really consistently working hard for at least a respectable amount of time,.

You are definitely not working out hard enough in the gym if you have any doubts that you are working out your hardest. If you think you are working hard enough on your exercises then you probably still aren't working hard enough on your exercises.

If you say yes to any of the following questions, you are not working hard enough:

- Are you sometimes thinking of something other then your workout while at the gym?

-Do you ever find yourself constantly talking and having conversations with others while working out?

-Do you ever go to the gym tired, hungry, and/or unprepared?

-Assuming you are taking all safety precautions, do you usually find yourself mentally quitting before you are finished physically on a set or rep?

- Do you approach every workout guessing how much weight you should use, and just doing as many sets and reps as you "feel" like?

Keep in mind that when I say hard work, I am talking about the effort you put into your exercises, not how much or how long you work out for.

If you really want to build muscle mass fast, then you really have to focus on what you are putting INTO your workouts, not HOW much you're working out.

Hard work is not optional if you are serious about building some muscle mass fast and effectively. You can throw around all sorts of weights and exercises all day, but if you expect to build some quality muscle mass, it's time to get serious about your training intensity.

This shouldn't be a disappointing reminder for most of you. There is great joy and a sense of power that we can get from hard work, and weight training is one of the purest and rawest of forms. There is really nothing else out there that can relate to the ruthless and barbaric ways of weight training.

It is, in essence, man's closest expression for good old fashion hard work. And the results are always well, well worth the work. As long as we have a solid routine and a proper and consistent diet, you can really learn to enjoy the hard work and the process of growth and development, both physically and mentally.

As much as the industry can try, technology can never replace hard work in weight training for results. It is true that there are many new types of supplements and the like coming out on the market everyday, few of which CAN help speed our progress, but without hard work they are all useless.

If you have been looking for some supplement, exercise, machine, or other gizmo that will finally build some muscle mass, perhaps it's time you look at the quality of your own effort into the workouts your doing now. We can all always ask ourselves honestly whether or not we are really working as hard as we should be.

You'll always want to remember to be honest with yourself , because the only person you'll be cutting short is yourself. Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Keep that in mind next time you are trying to spot the cause for any lack of progress you may be having.

Derek Manuel is the author of the best-selling, "How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle for Hardgainers". If you want to learn how you too can gain 20 to 30 pounds of solid muscle in as short as 8 weeks, or if you just want more quality information on how to gain weight and build muscle, please visit http://www.hardgainers-weight-tips.com

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