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All Natural Health
7 Steps to Getting Ready for Mercury Filling Removal

By: Annika Ek

Do you still have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth? You have probably heard that they are linked to many conditions like depression, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, food allergies and yeast conditions, to just name a few...

You may say that your mercury fillings are not causing you any trouble, which is great, but don't wait until you have symptoms to have them removed. Removing the mercury fillings will cause them to release even more mercury, so it is better to do it when you are in good shape and properly prepared.

For many toxic substances no symptoms are notices until a critical level is reached or you are compromised in other ways, like through great emotional stress. Mercury leaves the tooth as a vapor when you eat, drink and brush your teeth, and it enters and accumulates in your body.

But don't rush out now to have your fillings removed immediately. It is important that you find the right dentist to do the job and take the time to prime your body before removing these toxic fillings. Even if you think you have no mercury fillings left, it may be worthwhile to visit a biological dentist to make sure all of it is actually gone.

1. Find the Right Dentist for the Job

To find a mercury free or biological dentist, ask around or search through any of these organizations:

- International Association of Mercury Free Dentist (IAMFD) 800 335 7755 www.dentalwellness4u.com

- International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ( IAOMT ) (863) 429-6373 www.iaomt.org

- International Association of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (281) 651-1745 www.iabdm.org

- Holistic Dental Association (619) 923-3120 www.holisticdental.org

2. Ask the Right Questions

Here are a few questions you are smart to ask your dentist before you book your appointment to have your fillings removed.

* How many fillings are removed at one time? The answer to this question will depend on your general state of health; just make sure that only one quadrant of your mouth is worked on at each visit, this is to make sure meridians are not messed with.

* How are you protected during the procedure? Make sure you get oxygen, vitamin C, cotton or a rubber dam in your mouth and activated charcoal to take after the procedure.

* Do they offer bio-compatibility testing for the material that will replace the mercury? If it is not done in the office, ask for a referral to someone who can help.

It is wise to follow the suggestions below for at least 3-4 weeks before starting removal of your mercury fillings.

3. Eat the Right Diet

Eat a diet limited in sugar and processed foods, but make sure your diet is high in protein since the sulfur bearing amino acids will help in the detoxification.

4. Tune Up Your Liver & Kidneys

Start with a liver & kidney cleanse so they are ready to deal with the increased mercury levels right after the removal of the fillings. Use herbs and drainage remedies to do this.

5. Stock Up on the Good Minerals & Antioxidants

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants and will help protect your cells against free radical activity. Take 250 - 500 mg of vitamin C with every meal and 400 units of vitamin E daily.

Supplementing with quality minerals to ensure a healthy mineral base is also essential, since the body is forced to use toxic metals if there are no others around. Especially the trace minerals selenium and zinc are important in mercury detoxification, but avoid extra copper and iron, unless instructed otherwise by your health care practitioner.

Minerals need sufficient hydrochloric acid in the stomach to be ionized and absorbed into the body where it is needed. If you are over age 50 or have food allergies it is recommended that you take a digestive enzyme with hydrochloric acid (Betaine Hydrochloride) at the beginning of your meal.

6. Culture Your Internal Garden

Take a high potency quality strain of probiotics, like HMF Super Powder from Genestra. This is to make sure you have a strong intestinal flora to support you during the detox.

7. Be Very Regular

Since 90% of mercury leaves the body through the bowel make sure it is moving well, or you may end up making things worse! You should have 1 - 2 bowel movements daily. If you need help to get your bowel going take 3 tbsp of Hemp Seeds daily, drink lots of water and take a green powder that is naturally high in magnesium.

A final caution to not start chelating with products like chlorella and cilantro until all the fillings are removed, since you don't want to start pulling mercury out of your teeth and in to your system. This is only done AFTER all the fillings are removed.

Watch for Part II of this article series and learn what to do on the day of the removal and how to detox afterwards.

Disclaimer: These recommendations are not intended to be in place of advice from a physician, dentist or natural health practitioner familiar with your case.

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