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What You Need To Know About Losing Man Boobs

By: Paulina Jenkins

Man Boobs are female looking breasts found on a man's chest. This condition is a common problem that affects around 40% of men. It destroys self esteem, causes embarrassment and misery to the sufferer. They are stubborn and difficult to eliminate. However, it is not impossible to lose man boobs fast but actions must be taken.

Health wise, man boobs are harmless but the impact in the sociological and psychological areas are damaging. Frustration, a loss of self confidence, insecurities and loneliness are the results of this condition. Many people make the mistake of believing that these boobs are the result of fat accumulated around the chest area. There are also others that believe only men who are overweight have this getting rid of man boobs issue.

Muscle development, fat and hormones are the most common causes for this condition. Man boobs can be the result of very high levels of glandular tissue instead of fat tissue. Substances abuse such as heroin and alcohol can sometimes cause the development of man boobs. Medically this man boobs condition is called gynecomastia. Furthermore, these boobs are very often a symptom of some other health disorders. These conditions generally are not a threat to health.

During puberty hormonal imbalance can cause a high level of oestrogen and not enough testosterone. Testicular tumor and drugs also affect the hormonal balance in a man. Men who are overweight with high testosterone levels are more likely to have man boobs.

Man boobs are very stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Plastic surgery, diet, medications, exercise programs and herbal remedies are the various methods to losing man boobs. Many people have tried to take shortcut by undergoing surgical procedures or taking medications to lose man boobs fast.

During such plastic surgery the chest is reshaped and liposuction is used to remove the excessive fat tissue in the man boobs. For surgery to achieve the desired result it must be done correctly. However, getting rid of man boobs surgery is costly and not everyone can afford. Besides it also carries risks while prescription medications are expensive and not guaranteed to work in all cases. When there are other options why take the unnecessary risks?

Naturally overweight men have more fat in their chest than others. The man boobs found on these men is simply because there is more fat located in their chest area. Diet and exercise is the action to losing man boobs when the boobs are a result of being overweight.

Hormonal treatments are for those whose boobs are caused by high estrogen and low testosterone levels. Drugs and testosterone gels are also do not show proven results in losing man boobs. All prescription drugs usually carry some side effects.

There are however, alternative programs that have proven to be effective in showing one how to lose your man boobs naturally. Natural treatment is safe with no side effects and has worked for lots of men. This getting rid of man boobs method is becoming one of the most popular remedies. It does not require much effort and also affordable and effective. For men who are afflicted finding a losing man boobs treatment that works can truly improve their self esteem and social life.

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