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5 Facts to Consider Before Trying Out a Ketogenic Diets

ketogenic diet tips

Keto diet is gaining immense popularity these days as it is known to provide quick weight loss results. This extremely low- or no-carbohydrate diet forces the body into a state of ketosis. It helps lower blood sugar and insulin levels, triggering fat loss. Before you try out a ketogenic diet for weight loss, consider these 5 facts discussed below:

1.     Perform a blood test

Get a blood test done before you try out a ketogenic diet. It is necessary to check if your kidney functioning is proper and you don't suffer from any other underlying medical conditions.

2.     Regulate your macronutrient intake

To achieve nutritional ketosis, it is essential to adjust your daily macronutrient intake. Stick to a diet that contains 7075% fat, 1530% protein, and 510% calories from carbohydrates. Nowadays there are many keto calculator apps, which help you in determining the macronutrient intake.

3.     Expect a temporary drop in your energy level

As soon as you begin a keto diet, there will be a significant drop in your energy level. It is because your body requires some time to adapt to this new change. However, after few days you will see a great improvement in your condition.

4.     Keep control of your protein intake

Make sure to keep an eye on your protein intake as overconsumption of proteins can shift you out of the state of ketosis. Our body has a tendency to convert excess protein into carbohydrates.

5.     Consume a variety of fats

You can consume fat from both plant-based sources and animal-based sources. It will not only give you better results but also add variety to your meal plan.

A ketogenic diet is safe and effective for weight loss when followed in an appropriate way. It also ensures several other health benefits such as good blood sugar control, reduced inflammation, improved triglyceride and HDL counts. However, it is better to consult your doctor or a registered dietician before incorporating this major change in your diet.

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