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Jock Itch - A Painful Infection

By: Patnaree Sukgrarongka

A common infection mainly of the adult men, Jock itch is a very painful and uncomfortable phenomenon found in the hot countries. Caused by an excessive growth of the fungi Dermatophytes residing in the skin, Jock itch usually occurs when these fungi proliferate in the skin due to moisture. This disease affects the groin area of men but rarely affects the penis in men. Jock itch although more prevalent in men, sometimes affects women also in the groin area only. Jock itch is also called the ringworm of the groin and also Tinea Cruris

This disease is caused due to following reasons:

- If a person wears fitted lower apparel like jeans, pants, tight panties or briefs, it can lead to Jock itch. It causes more perspiration in the groin area leading to growth in the fungi causing Jock itch.

- To save oneself from this epidermal disease, one should try to change his undergarments regularly especially under wears.

- Try to avoid sharing of personal attire like towels and bed sheets with the affected person and those suffering from athlete's foot. Athlete's foot and ringworm can result in Jock itch. Therefore, you should try to cure this disease as soon as possible.

- After bathing, dry your groin area before wearing lingerie.

- Try to wear cotton apparel which can soak moisture from your body

Jock itch can be treated by physicians after they take samples from your skin. A sample of your infected skin when placed under a microscope can easily reveal whether you have contracted this disease. A sample of your skin can be taken after the skin lesion biopsy test, which is also known as the Punch biopsy or the shave biopsy.

Sometimes, bacterial infections can also result as a consequent of excessive scratching of the affected area. Then, doctors have to give oral antifungal medicines to treat such affections. Therefore, you should avoid scratching of the groin area if suffering from Jock itch. Jock itch is a very communicable disease, which can spread by contact with skin of the infected person. Moreover, you can also catch this infection by contact with the unwashed garments of the infected person. Physical relation with the infected person can also cause Jock itch. You can also go for a KOH test for a proper diagnosis of this test.

The most effective treatment for Jock itch are antifungal ointments available at a near pharmacy you. The best ointments are Azoles and Allymines. Jock itch can result in the appearance of red rashes on your skin near the groin in the skin folds of the upper thigh and which make you continuously scratch the affected area. These patches are redder in the outer area than in the centre with elevated peripheries. The appearance of abnormally dark or light skin also means that you are suffering from Jock itch. Slowly, the infection can spread to the anus causing undesirable pain and discomfort. This disease can also affect male children. Therefore, their mothers should take care of their clothes in summers.

Please visit following websites for more information about jock itch treatment: http://www.jockitchcare.com http://www.jockitchcare.net

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