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Hotel Room Fat Loss Workout

By: Ed Scow

Copyright (c) 2008 Ed Scow

I've had the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling lately and I recently took a business trip to Toronto.

It seemed like a very lovely city from what I saw from the cab ride and the windows in my hotel room. Don't you just love business trips?

Anyway, I learned two very valuable lessons while in Toronto.

The first thing I learned was that there are a lot of refugees from Somalia in Toronto. My cab driver to the hotel was from Somalia and when asked about his home he didn't seem too eager to talk about it.

I took the hint.

The next thing I learned is that when doing your bodyweight workout in your hotel room in the morning you should catch your breath before answering the door to tell housekeeping to go away.

I was near the end of my workout when I got the knock and ran to answer the door to tell her to go away...and I was panting.

She looked at me kind of funny and said she'd come back later.

So that's where this article has taken me. Hotel room workouts. I hope your mind didn't wander to the gutter. If so, shame on you.

My workout only took me about 15 minutes to complete, included nothing but bodyweight exercises, and as the housekeeper found out, left me breathless.

So here's what I did, and you should try too the next time you find yourself in a hotel but not wanting to head down to the workout facility.

I did a quick warm-up consisting of push-ups and bodyweight squats. I did 3 sets of 10 each with little to no rest between sets.

I then did 4 sets of the following supersets, only resting 20-30 seconds after the second exercise before returning to the first:

1A) Push-up w/Hand Raise - 12 per hand 1B) 1-Leg Hip Extension - 15 reps per leg

2A) Pike Push-up - 15 reps 2B) Reverse Lunge - 15 reps per leg

3A) "T" Push-up - 16 reps 3B) Overhead Squats - 20 reps

After those exercises, I had a pretty good sweat worked up, and as the housekeeper could tell, left me quite breathless.

You could even give that workout a try this weekend. Do it first thing in the morning before anything else gets in the way and pushes the workout to the back burner.

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