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10 Helpful Tips On Cycling

By: Jason Storm

Cycling has great benefits for your health. It's an effective way to lose weight and it firms up your legs. It also helps the heart and cardiovascular system to stay healthy.

Here are ten tips that that can make your cycling experience more enjoyable:

*Finding a bike that is a good size for you is important if you are going to enjoy your ride. Make sure that your posture feels good while riding. *The type of bike you should get depends on what type of riding you will be doing. Are you riding in the city, travelling long distances or will you be

going off-road? For long distances you want a light bike with thin wheels, for off-road you want a thicker frame and wider tires.

*Another thing to look at if you are planning to go long distance is your bicycle seat. A long distance bike should be more comfortable and it's a good idea to invest in a well padded seat.

*It is important to make sure you have plenty of water. A good idea is to have a water bottle attached to the bike so you can easily have a drink at any time.

*If you're going on a long ride it's important to eat proper food a few hours before. Pasta, rice and bread are foods with a high amount of slow carbohydrates wich help to stabilize your body's energy level.

*It can be helpful to bring some fast carbohydrates with you on the ride, such as granola bars, bananas, energy drinks,etc.

*Always bring a phone with you when you are going out. It's helpful if something unexpected happens, for example if you drive on something sharp and get a flat tire. I recommend keeping it off and only using it when you need to, don't get distracted by talking while you're riding.

*Bikes do get stolen every so often so it's well worth it to invest in a quality lock. Also, it's a good idea to park your bike at designated parking areas since a lone bike usually attracts thefts easier.

*The clothes you wear also has a great impact on your experience. To choose comfortable yet fitting clothes makes a big difference. In this way you can move with ease and still have as little resistance from the wind as possible.

*You're better to start off slowly and go for short rides in the beginning, than to go for long rides straight away and end up with a sore bottom and aching muscles.

Cycling really is a wonderful way to get out into the fresh air and it's a great way to see the landscape where you live. Most of us could use a little more excercise and cardiovascular training, it can be as easy as getting on the bike and pedalling.

Jason Storm is a cycling enthusiast. Check out the sports community http://www.sackupsports.com for articles and videos on cycling.

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