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Is Coffee, Soda and Alcohol Killing Your Sport Performance

By: Tim Goodwin

Being dehydrated can have devastating effects on your athlete and sporting performance. Not only does your body slow down but your brain function is reduced, get dizzy, vomiting and an increase in the bodies core temperature.

Now consider that most of the population do not drink enough water, I recently read a statistic that claimed that 1 in 10 people did not drink any water at all! Most of us are relying on other forms of fluids throughout the day, some are more evil than others.

It is a high likelihood that you are dehydrated much of the time, to some extent. This can effect your concentration, your mood, and your energy levels throughout the day, just like it effects your sporting performance, it massively effects your work performance too.

The corporate athlete often depends on excessive caffeine fixes, from coffee, teas and so called performance drinks to keep them going throughout the day, just water is just never entertained as an option!

The sodas out of your company snack machine are nothing more than a sugary fix which will just add to your waistline. Step away from these at all costs.

The problem is all these false fluids do not hydrate your body in the same way as plain water, and in many cases cause further dehydration.

To get the best out of your body the solution is really simple and obvious.

- Drink more water! A simple formula for your daily water intake, for every 50lbs of weight you should be drinking a litre of water per day!

- Avoid ALL other types of fluid intake PERIOD.

- Get into a habit of having a full litre and half bottle of water on your desk in the morning and make sure it is finished by lunch, then start again for the afternoon

- And if fat loss is your primary goal, then taking a serious look at your alcohol intake should be your first assignment.

- Drop the alcohol completely from today for 21 days and your body will shed inches like you wouldn't believe!

Once you are getting the water intake your body needs to function properly, your sporting performances will see an improvement, and you will certainly stay more alert through your normal working day too.

Benefits of adequate fluid intake include massively improved skin condition, the way your body eliminates waste will be improved. You'll also get less digestive problems and stop getting so many headaches too.

Whilst drinking water is not so interesting, the benefits are certainly worth the tiny amount of effort of starting today for the next 21 days. I am sure you'll see the benefits immediately and miss it if you stop again!

Tim Goodwin is a fitness professional from Luxembourg, training the busiest individuals to achieve amateur sporting success and a healthier body. Claim your free "Warm Up" video at http://www.corporateathletehandbook.com/ . Feel free to duplicate this article with the bio and link intact.

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