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Cleansing and Weight Loss - The Healing Crisis

By: Jane Kriese Millikin

The healing crisis occurs as people cleanse their body. Sometimes the cleansing causes us to have an allergic reaction. This is good as it means we are removing toxins from the body.The only people who will experience a healing crisis are people with a toxic body.

Our bodies become toxic over a long period of time. Toxicity is a combination of poor diet, and chemicals that we take into our body, throught the air a breath, what we put on our skin and our hair. We also get toxins from clothing, smoking, and the water we drink. These are only a few of the places where you can ingest toxins but by becoming aware of these you will start to understand how our bodies become so laden down with toxins. As we become more toxic, our bodies develop a life style disease.

Disease is defined as a lack of good health. This can result from trauma, or toxicity. Most people cause their toxicity by their poor life style. Today we have many people who have made changes in their life style and are cleansing and feeding their body with holistic products. When we first start to cleanse our body we often have some reactions, like irritability, tiredness, flu like symptoms, or allergic reactions. This is not a bad thing. This can occurs when harmful impurities are cleansed from our body. This is called "The Herxheimer Reaction" or "The Healing Crisis"

When the Healing Crisis occurs most people stop using the cleansing products. What they don't realize is, the product is working, this is good. The best thing to do is, slow down the cleansing process, take half of the recommended dosage and drink lots of water, then slowly increase the dosage until you are back at the recommended dosage. If the crisis occurs again take a rest for a few days and start again with a half dosage. If a person perseveres the crises usually passes in a couple weeks and they end up feeling better than they did before they started.

Cleansing has become very important, our industrialized world is full of toxins, and our life styles are too busy. Because of this we have more people suffering from life style diseases.

Don't despair! Our bodies are miracles, when we cleanse and feed our bodies, with wholesome food, and quality nutritional products, our body will heal itself.

With cleansing and a good life style we can have a healthy vibrant body.

Jane Kriese Millikin, is a author, a health and wealth counselor, and an independent distributor, for an amazing "Cleansing and Weight Loss System" Visit me at the web site; http://bmillikin.infoseekdirect.com/us/en/30day.dhtml Also order your free "Candida Testing Kit" by emailing me at; healthonly@gmail.com

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