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Everything You Need To Know In Choosing A Gym

By: Bobby Kelly

If you prefer to workout at home, make the best of any place available. If you have the choice of a room, make sure it is at least 10' x 10', well-ventilated and has enough height and width to move comfortably. It is also important to know that the floor can handle the stress of any impact that may occur and that the floor is properly protected in areas where weights may drop or clubs may impact.

If you have a small budget, I suggest the following equipment:

* Stability ball

* Dumbbells from 5 to 25 lbs.

* Mirror big enough to see a full body move

* Tubing

A larger budget can also include:

* A piece of cardiovascular equipment (treadmill, bike, elliptical)

* Weight bench or step bench

* Abs mat

* Dumbbells 30 to 50 lbs.

If you prefer to workout at a gym, here are some factors to consider when choosing which gym to join:

First, decide what features are important to you.

* Do you need the comforts of bells and whistles like pools, saunas, spas, nutrition bars, child care and other upscale amenities?

* Is the gym close enough to your home or office? If you have to drive far out of your way to workout, there is a high likelihood of skipping it when you lack motivation.

* What are the business hours? If you are a morning or night person, make sure that the facility is open during the hours you need.

* Next, ask friends and family where they exercise. Odds are they like the facility and can tell you the pros and cons. They can also tell you about current promotions.

* Visit the facility. Take advantage of free trial memberships. If there are a few gyms in the running try all the free trial memberships in a row. 4 gyms that offer 1 week trial memberships = 1 month of free exercise.

During your visits, take note of the following:

* Is there an initiation fee?

* What are the membership dues for the gym?

* What is the age of the facility?

* How clean is the facility, especially the weight room, locker room and showers?

* Is the equipment worn or new?

* Who are the typical clients that frequent the gym?

* Is there music in the background? If so, is it too loud or not the type you like?

* What hours is the facility crowded? What hours is it quiet?

* Are there certified personnel available if you have questions?

* What is the overall attitude in the gym?

It should be easy to make the right decision for your needs after you have assessed these factors. If you ask the right questions, the choice for a place to train is right at your finger tips.

For over 17 years Bobby Kelly has taken his passion for coaching to a level not reached by many in the fitness profession. Bobby has been interviewed and featured as an expert adviser on CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, and CBS as well as local affiliate stations in numerous markets. Bobby knows the success of hard work and determination. He'll get you where you want to be. Visit Bobby today at http://www.resultsonly.com or email support@resultsonly.com

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