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How to Prepare Your Diet for Gaining Mass

By: Derek Manuel

Most ambitious bodybuilders and weight trainers will learn everything there is to know about weight lifting and do whatever it takes in the gym for results. They will work their butts off pumping iron and endure pain that the common man would coward from. However, one of the major causes of failure for even these overzealous trainees is not having a proper diet plan for building muscle mass.

They might intend to eat correctly, but they just can't get around keeping it consistent. I know because this is something that I battled with myself for a long time. When I finally sat down and got serious, I finally got to the core of why most weight trainers fail in this department: improper planning. Many of us continue to make "that's it, from now on I'm going to start eating right" decisions all too often, and we may even get started doing so for a couple days. But, if we don't construct a diet plan for building muscle mass on a day to day basis, this can be a plan for disaster for most of us.

The reason why we need to plan our meals before each day is because this is the best way to battle any of the major obstacles that keep us from being consistent. If you often find yourself hungry or even "starving" before a lot of your meals, such as caught up in long periods of time where you can't eat such as school or work, without proper planning you will often be tempted to eat something that doesn't align with your muscle building goals.

The reason why these obstacles are so hard to combat is because of the very nature of hunger. Along with sleep and water, eating is an absolute vital necessity for survival. And since our bodies are designed to alert us when one of these are lacking, it does so very intensely.

This explains why our desire to drink when we are thirsty, sleep when we are tired, and of course eat when we are hungry is so intense, and at this point you will often find yourself giving in to something not productive for gaining mass. The pains from lack of these are too intense to bear for too long. It will be very easy for us to fall into temptation of eating something that is not healthy and beneficial if you don't learn to plan our meals properly and consistently.

On top of that our bodies are also designed for one single purpose: survival. Your body doesn't give a flip if you want to gain muscle mass, it's designed solely on keeping you alive. That is why it is important that you have a proper diet plan for building muscle mass and that you plan your meals on a day to day basis.

The better planned and prepared you are, the easier it will be to stay consistent with your diet. Then, on a positive note, since we are creatures of habit, once you stick to a diet schedule for about 21 to 30 days, it will become a habit and the process will be much easier!

Here are some tips on how to plan your meals: First, plan on paper! Write in a journal your daily meals, at least a few hours in advance before your next meal, preferably the night before. Next, prepare your meals the night before and store them in separate plastic containers if possible so when your meal time comes it will be ready to go.

When you go grocery shopping go with a specific intent for your meals so you can plan out your week in advance, and I suggest you invest in some meal replacement shakes in case you have a busy schedule and are rarely at home - never leave home without a meal handy just in case! A simple and final tip to help your planning is to list out your ten favorite and simplest meals according to your diet so that you can rotate through them to avoid boredom and keep it interesting.

Remember, if you fail to plan then you can plan to fail. Don't make the mistake of so many people by working out hard and consistently, only to cheat yourself and your results by improper planning of your diet. It still takes some brains if you want to build the brawn!

Derek Manuel is the author of the best-selling, "How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle for Hardgainers". If you want to learn how you too can gain 20 to 30 pounds of solid muscle in as short as 8 weeks, or if you just want more quality information on how to gain weight and build muscle, please visit http://www.hardgainers-weight-tips.com

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